Winners AniFestROZAFA 2022

Winners AniFestROZAFA 2022


International Jury, ACFA

Mr.Alessandro Stevanon , Artistic Director festivalit  “CACTUS”  Italy
Mrs. Anna Stadnik-Wójtowicz, Artistic Director festivali  “ Kino w Trampkach” Poland
Mrs. Rosa Ferro, artistic director of AnniVerdi film&media Italy
Mr. Hrvoje Selec Artistic Director  Festivali “VAFI”Croatia
Mr.Yorgos Spyrou , Film Festival organizer “OLYMPIA” Greece
Mrs. Mariza Papadimitriou, Festival Coordinator, Greece
Mr. Srećko Lebinec  Chairman Films Studio VANIMA ,Croatia
Mrs. Monika Dukaj creative festival artist,  Montenegro
Mrs. Vikjana Nakaj, Cultural events, Albania

Children’s jury, permanent, Gjirokastra

9 child members
Alsjela Sheme, Evita Kore, Franka Kukeli,  Helios Meçi,  Ina Hoxha, Dea Paçeli, Sarah Maku, Klea Sinojmeri, Sophie Stevanon, Mrs. Arlisa Gushi, group leader

Children’s jury, permanent, Shkodër

10 child members
Atea Lajthia, Abi Idrizi, Rea Ymeri, Emanuel Haxhia, Mara Nikolli, Maria Kacerri, Erti Mahlukati, Edoardo Radovani, Marsi Tirana, Riad Sufaj, Mrs. Elira Smakaj Gushi, group leader

CFA Award

Given by the International Jury, A’GJIRO & ROZAF:  “ YALLAH
Director & Writer: Nayla Nassar, Edouard Pitula, Renaud de Saint Albin, Cécile, Adant, Anaïs Sassatelli, Candice Behague, France

ECFA short film

Given by the International Jury, A’GJIRO & ROZAFA :   “How to dance in strange word ”
Director & WriterJulio Godefroy,  Mexico,

Best student film

Given by the International Jury ROZAFA2022 :    “How to dance in a strange world”
A homeless man who is ignored by people and a child who is mocked by his hobby are great protagonists in this film. Through an experimental form, the story is told in a great way, and the film is definitely worth paying attention to.

Best short animation

Given by the International Jury :     “ Fisherman ”
Director & Writer: Francois Balanant, France

Best student animation

Given by the International Jury, A’GJIRO:    “Tan Yan”
Director & Writer: YangJia Chen, Qianwen Xiao, Aimin Xie, Yao Deng, China

Given by the International Jury, ROZAFA : “ Good Nighit”
Director & Writer: Jung-Seo Lee, Seo-Bin Lee,Ji-Yeon Yoon, Korea, Repubic Of
Emotions for the film is how to try to help people not to feel determined or bullied by others, but to give hope and motivation to change their lives. To change the colors of their world as they want, not as others want to decide for them. This animated film gives a clear message to stop bullying among children and that’s why it was chosen as the best animated film by the students.

Best student film

Given by the International Jury, A’GJIRO: “Spring of youth”
Director & Writer:  Nurbol Yerboluly,   Kazakhstan, 

Given by the International Jury & Children’s jury

Best screenplay  – (special price)

“Spring of youth”  Director & Writer:  Nurbol Yerboluly ,   Kazakhstan

“The Essential”  Director & Writer:  Olivia Solano, Cuba
This film speaks for itself and tells how universal is the message behind cute animation. Based on one the most popular story “Little prince” which is extract screenplay from Essential, modifies original, little prince find himself in modern times and sees the way in which the mobile phones are currently used.

Best director – (special price)

“Spring of youth”  Director & Writer:  Nurbol Yerboluly ,   Kazakhstan

How to dance in strange word ”  Director & Writer:  Julio Godefroy,  Mexico
The excellent direction of director Julio Godefroy from Mexico shows us the story of the friendship between a homeless man and a child. The great theme that the director presents to the audience in an innovative way deserves the award for best director.

Best cinematography   – (special price)

“ WINNER ”  Director & Writer:  Samuel Chovan, Slovakia

“My Name is Maalum” Director & Writer: Luisa Copetti, Brazil
The film tells the story in a very powerful way, growing to lights, shadows and colors. The force of being them self and upon in each situation of life.